3T Exploro at FWC

FootWorks Cycles goes gravel with the new 3T Exploro. Designed by Gerard Vroomen of Cervelo fame, the 3T Exploro is the first aero gravel bike that's fun on the road and a blast on the trail. Click here for more.

FW Cycles in the News

David Longdon writes about his Dynamic Cycling Analysis experience in the most recent Velocity Blog.

"Did Neal’s bike fit improve my experience on the bike?

Yes! The most noticeable improvement was solving the saddle sore problem: In July I rode the ~206-mile one-day Seattle to Portland. It was a blistering hot day, and based on previous experiences I expected saddle sores, and back or shoulder pain. Instead, I experienced no saddle sores, and was pain-free and had strong legs all day long."

Matt Hill Fits In At FootWorks

Footworks Cycles Announces new Bicycle Fit Specialist
Matthew Hill to work out of FWC
Seattle,WA. May 16, 2014: FootWorks Cycles, Seattle’s leading provider of Dynamic Cycling Analysis is pleased to announce the addition of Matthew Hill. A long-time fixture on the Seattle Cycling scene, Mr. Hill has provided bike fit services for hundreds of cyclists over the last decade, with clients including World, National, and District Champions, and recreational cyclists spanning the entire spectrum of age and aspiration.

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